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2014 NHL draft Day 2 draft picks for Tampa Bay Lightning

After trading the #50 selection and the #28 selection... Tampa Bay continues to hae seven more draft picks in the 2014 NHL draft.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Day two of the NHL draft will kick off at 10 AM Saturday Morning in Philadelphia.  After two trades on Friday (the Garrison trade with Vancouver and a draft-night trade with the New York Islanders) the Lightning once again have eight total selections in the 2014 NHL Draft.

Below is a list of draft choices and remaining draft choices for the Lightning.  We'll give you an updated list of picks sometime during the day tomorrow.  No telling if Tampa Bay retains all f the selections or attempts to add to their portfolio via trade.

Pick Summary:
Round - Overall - Selection
1 19th - Anthony DeAngelo
1 28th - (Traded to NY Islanders)
2 35th - Dominik Mastin (via NY Islanders)
2 50th - (traded to Vancouver Canucks)
2 57th - Jonathan MacLeod (via NY Islanders)
3 80th -
5 140th -
5 142nd -
6 170th -
7 200th -