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Tampa Bay Lightning let slip third-jersey schedule for 2014-15; now when will it be unveiled?

The "Bolts" third jersey is kaput. What the new sweater will look like remains (mostly) a secret.
The "Bolts" third jersey is kaput. What the new sweater will look like remains (mostly) a secret.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't make the cut of our latest Quick Strikes morning link-dump post, but yesterday also had a noteworthy article over at Icethetics that revealed the Lightning have inadvertently leaked the schedule for the team to wear it's new, yet-to-be-unveiled alternate uniform for the 2014-15 season.

Yes, the "Bolts" jersey of the past five years has been retired, and a new third jersey (which should better compliment the current clean/classy look the club is employing) is will be worn 12 times (according to the Icethetics report) during the forthcoming season.  While no details are out about the new duds, the one thing that is known is that the jersey system (supposedly) brings back what used to be the club's primary color for so long: black.

From the Icethetics report:

According to the schedule, the sweater will debut on a Thursday (Nov. 13) but after that will be used on Saturdays only.

I'm going to guess that we'll see an event possibly tied to training camp (and possibly held at Channelside Bay Plaza)  unveiling the jersey.  It's also possible that the unveiling may happen at a team event (at Channelside) during the season, but the Bolts are on the road immediately before their home game against the Sharks (when the jersey is expected to make its debut).

I'll leave the floor open to the community with what you expect from the jersey system and when we may see an unveiling (meaning post about it in comments, if you please).