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Quick Strikes for Monday, August 25

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Vacant captaincies in the NHL, an interactive NHL map, and some odds and ends from around the web for your Monday morning.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • It is late August, and with the NHL training camps and preseason only a few weeks away, there are seven teams that still do not have captains. Check out some candidates for the captaincy of each of these teams. [Pucks On The Fly]
  • Here is your geography lesson for the day - an interactive map of all 30 NHL teams. [Icethetics]
  • This will probably be one of the strangest goal celebrations you have seen in a long time. Ric Del Basso of the Perth Thunder scored the game-winner in a 5-4 shootout win against the Melbourne Ice. What he did afterward was much more entertaining than the seemingly innocent wrist shot he put past the goaltender. [Puck Daddy]
  • From the FanPosts of SB Nation's Ottawa Senators blog: does the Bryan Murray regime get too much credit for how they've drafted? [Silver Seven]
  • There have been a lot of bargain buys this off season for NHL teams. Leo Komarov was not one of them. [Hope in the Big Smoke]
  • The P.K. Subban contract has changed the market for defensemen moving forward. What will the Edmonton Oilers do with Justin Schultz in the coming years? [Oilers Nation]