Looking for input; "Quick Strikes" and link dumps

If you're a regular at Raw Charge, you know we seldom post link dump posts here. We used to do it on a weekly basis with certain themes -- sometimes divisional related, but more often just once-a-week. That regularity for link dump posts or "quick strikes" as they've been called of recent, hasn't been done in quite a while and for a reason: Everyone (hockey blogs) seems to do link dump posts every morning.

Puck Daddy does Puck Headlines, Spectors Hockey does both a blog bet and rumor roundup post, you can find many SB Nation hockey sites do them in the morning, and fellow Lightning blog Bolts By the Bay does "The Daily Bolt" in the evening. Those link dump posts tend to be a lot of news coverage from the previous day, while Puck Daddy and Spectors does both news and featuring good writing.

It's because everyone does them that I don't really want to do them. I'd like to highlight good writing around the hockey blogosphere but it's becoming more and more of a challenge to find smaller hockey blogs that have great articles that deserve to be highlighted -- you know, good reading and not just news coverage.

But for the sake of asking the Raw Charge community, what do you think? Would you like a daily (or weekly) link dump thread no matter what the highlighted coverage?I can't guarantee we'll end up doing one, but I do want ot hear the community feedback on this. And a poll is attached below for the lurkers out there who don't want to comment.

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