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2015 NHL Playoffs

Single year coverage

Tampa Bay, TV ratings, and attendance

While folks in larger hockey markets will continue to bemoan the fact that Tampa Bay is in the Stanley Cup Final, actually looking at the facts reveals Tampa Bay is a better TV market than many realize.

Cup Finals conflict cancels Garth Brooks

The country music legend and Trisha Yearwood cancel their June 6th shows due to conflcit with NBC and the overall Stanley Cup Finals game 2 on Saturday.

Lightning and Blackhawks share few connecitons

Connected at the moment by way of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2015, there aren't many prominent historic ties between the Bolts and the 'Hawks. There are a few of note, though.

Building a tradition of being non-traditional

The Tampa Bay Lightning have slashed through Original Six opponents in the 2015 NHL Playoffs and will play for the second Stanley Cup in franchise history. Now more than ever, Lightning fans should bask in the non-traditional glory.

Chicago Blackhawks win Western Conference Title

The game that will decide who faces the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals.

Ducks or Hawks: Who should the Lightning want?

Tonight, the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks face off in a decisive Game 7. How do the Tampa Bay Lightning match-up against these two Western Conference foes, and who should we root for the Lightning to face?

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Watch as Lightning team captain Steven Stamkos accepts the Prince of Wales Trophy

The award is given out to the winner of the Eastern Conference... just don't touch the thing!

Lightning win Eastern Conference with 2-0 win

Shutting out the New York Rangers, the Bolts ascend to play for the Stanley Cup against a yet-to-be-determined opponent.

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Watch Alex Killorn open scoring during the 3rd period of Game 7

It was Killorn's 7th goal of the playoffs, with assists to Matt Carle and Valtteri Filppula. It was Carle's 3rd assist of the playoffs and Filp's 8th.

Game chat: Lightning at Rangers Game 7

For the right to play for Lord Stanley's Cup.

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NYC fans can have a pregame chat with beat writer Joe Smith

Consider it an early rallying opportunity for Lightning fans in the New York City area (...who have the opportunity to make it to this mini event).

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Steven Stamkos on the Rangers Game 7 success

The New York Rangers have never played the Tampa Bay Lightning in a Game 7. They had never played the Tampa Bay Lightning in an NHL playoff game before this season as well. Certain media types had come to the conclusion to expect a cake walk for New York, especially after Game 1. What to conclude on that renders the Rangers mystique and even Captain Steven Stamkos remarks moot is this: This is a one-game playoff now. One game. One result. While the Rangers have played the Lightning before, they've shown themselves to be as inconsistent with results as the Lightning have.

Conference finale; Bolts at Rags game 7 preview

Tonight the series concludes, with one team ascending to the Stanley Cup Finals and one team left to wonder what-could-have-been.

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A best-of-7 series started two weeks ago, then warped into a best-of-5 series, then best-of-3. Tonight, the Eastern Conference Champion will be crowned as the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers end their series at Madison Square Garden.

Stanley Cup Finals schedule

The schedule may not include start times, but the dates have been released to the public.

There's nothing else, only Game 7

Don't put things under the microscope, the only thing that's left - for the moment - is the next game. It's also the only thing relevant in the narratives thrown out there leading in to the game.

Third period collapse sends Lightning to 7-3 loss

An opportunity to close out the New York Rangers in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final is squandered as the Tampa Bay Lightning fell behind early and then fall apart in the third period while they were still close enough to come back.

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Watch as Ryan Callahan puts the Lightning on the score board in game 6

With assists to Anton Stralman and Ben Bishop (the netminder's second assist of the playoffs), Ryan Callahan scored his first goal of the playoffs during a power play late in the 1st period.

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Illness issues afoot

We'll learn in a few minutes if we'll see lineup changes brought on by the rumors of illness or not. Brayden Coburn, if you remember, left game 5 due to "issues" (illness) during the game. It's notable that Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat didn't participate in morning skate today. If this is a sign they're among those who are ill (maybe, if the rumors are true. remains to be seen.

ECF Game 6 Lightning versus Rangers preview

The Eastern Conference Finals could be at an end tonight, if the Lightning are ready to stave off the Rangers onslaught. It's all-or-nothing for them, and should be he same from Tampa to stop them.

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Humiliation secures Conference Finale at the Garden

The Lightning are on the verge of a Stanley Cup Finals berth four years after being in the same position. If they can top the Rangers Tuesday night at the Amalie, they're in for the 2nd time in franchise history.

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WATCH Stamkos scores onn the PP; his 4th straight game with a goal

With Ondrej Palat and Nikita Kucherov grabbing assists, Steven Stamkos put the Lightning up 2-0 late in the 2nd with his 7th goal of the playoffs.

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VIDEO Valtteri Filppula's 3rd goal of playoffs opens scoring in 2nd

With assists to Steven Stamkos and Anton Stralman, Valtteri Filppula changed the entire feel of the game with his goal. It only made things 1-0 but it felt as if a weight had been lifted.

Game chat: Lightning at Rangers ECFs game 5

Are we in for another high-scoring affair, or a tighter contest between two capable teams?

Summer's start; Bolts at Rags game 5 preview

It's been a non-traditional affair with high-scoring dominating the Bolts / Rags playoff series so far.

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Lightning take game, series lead, with 2-0 win over Rangers

The Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers will battle it out tonight at Madison Square Garden to grab a lead and put themselves on the verge of a Stanley Cup Finals berth.

Lightning come up shy against Lundqvist, Rangers

The Tampa Bay Lightning put forth a good effort, following a game plan that typically pays off for them, but didn't have an answer for Henrik Lundqvist, who rebounded from back-to-back games surrendering six goals.

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WATCH Steven Stamkos 6th goal of the playoffs ties the game at 1 in the 2nd

Alex Killorn and Valtteri Filppula get the assists.

Game chat: Lightning versus Rangers ECFs game 4

While the Rangers look to redeem themselves and get back in the race, the Lightning look to take a dominant advantage over New York in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Lightning versus Rangers game 4 preview

Giving up 12 goals in 2 games is bad, having given up 28 in six total games against the Tampa Bay Lightning since November is a touch worse.

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Lop-sided in the Rangers favor this time

The fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight is critical to both the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers.

High productivity from the TKO Trio

The Lightning's second line has been at the forefront of team offensive productivity in the Eastern Conference Finals.