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Quick Strikes for Thursday, January 29

California AHL teams, meetings in Seattle, NHL goalies, the injury ninja versus the salary cap, and more are all in today's Quick Strikes.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
  • Go West, young man. That is, if you've been assigned to an AHL team that'll soon be relocated in California. Looks as if there will be five California cities joining in the minor league hockey fun. [LA Kings Insider]
  • Stats fans, rejoice! Advanced hockey stats shall soon be found at Yes, you read that right - [Puck Daddy]
  • As Martin Brodeur transitions from on-ice player to off-ice player, some wonder if he's the best goaltender of all time. Perhaps it's too early to tell, though? He might decide to come out of retirement by the end of the regular season, after all. []
  • Jason Spezza makes his magnificent (?) return to the capitol of Canada for the first time since he requested a trade out of there at the end of last season. The Dallas Stars are visiting the Ottawa Senators tonight. Oh, the drama. [TSN]
  • The Vancouver Canucks have decided for you - and you, and you, and you - that there will be one less goaltender on the market available for trade. Sorry, guys. No Jacob Markstrom for you (or you, or you, or you). [The Score]
  • Looks as if the Tampa Bay Lightning might have to fight at least the San Jose Sharks for a top four defenseman, if GM Steve Yzerman finds it necessary to go get one in the next few weeks. [Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area]
  • NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman came a knockin' on the new mayor of Seattle's door to see if he was also interested in bringing an NHL team to Seattle, like the previous mayor was. All indications are that it's still a go in the Emerald City, just as soon as they have an arena. John Barr has the recap. [NHL to Seattle]
  • This is from last week when the NHL season paused for the All-Star festivities, but for those interested in how injuries affect team salaries, here you go. It's the mid-season injury breakdown. [NHL Injury Dataviz]