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Quick Strikes for Sunday, October 11

Today's edition of Quick Strikes contains new regarding the NWHL, the Mike Richards settlement, Aaron Ward's arrest, and injuries... as well as talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
  • Early reviews of the first 3-on-3 overtime game in NHL history show that, yes, the masses were entertained. [The Tampa Tribune]
  • Jason Garrison might have been underrated in the past, but so far in the 2015-2016 season, he is shining. [Today's Slapshot]
  • Breaking down the Lightning's 4-1 Saturday win over the Sabres with Bolts radio man Dave Mishkin. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • Did you watch Saturday's Sabres vs Lightning game? Good. So did I. But make sure you check out the Sabres' side of things. [Die by the Blade]
  • A last minute signing on Friday allowed the AHL to continue as usual. The new CBA is effective through August 31, 2019, and was ratified by both the AHL's Board of Governors and the overwhelming majority of AHL players. [AHL]
  • TSN Analyst and former NHL player Aaron Ward was arrested Friday for assault. He has been suspended from his position. [WNCN]
  • History was made on Saturday when the Brampton Beast took on Team India. [Habs EOTP]
  • After having a PTO with the Lightning, Ray Emery has moved on to the west coast. On Saturday, he signed a PTO with the LA Kings' AHL affiliate, the Ontario Reign. [NHL]
  • Want to catch an NWHL game this season but can't travel to the area? Or just want to be able to watch them in general? You can, for free! The league announced free streaming via YouTube for all games. [Today's Slapshot]
  • With the lack of a minor league, the NWHL is relying on practice players. If and when rostered players are unable to make a game or six, a practice player can step in, and possibly earn herself a spot on the roster come next season. In the meantime, they attend practices, develop their own skills and give rostered players people to practice against other than their own teammates. [Today's Slapshot]
  • On Friday, the NHLPA and NHL reached a settlement agreement regarding Mike Richards'player contract. The settlement resolved the grievance filed by the NHLPA on August 10, 2015 in response to the Kings' termination of Richards' contract. Richards is an Unrestricted Free Agent. Further, Richards will be on the LA Kings cap until 2031. [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Further, the NHL denies that the settlement circumvents the CBA in any ways, something that other team executives are questioning. [ESPN]
  • Dean Lombardi had some emotions on Friday night. Mostly about the "betrayal" of Mike Richards and how Lombardi feels about it. Poor Dean Lombardi. [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Robin Lehner's MRI results are not encouraging, although there has been no official word from the club. [Today's Slapshot]
  • PODCAST: Are the Montreal Canadiens better than they were a year ago? [All Habs]
  • A #MyColumn: How to Argue with a Hockey Blogger. (My suggestion? Don't. It's not worth the headache.) [Canucks Army]