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Quick Strikes for Saturday, November 21

Ryan Kesler on the prowl in the stands, anarchy created by out-of-context on Twitter, Newfoundland hockey and an overworked (?) Stralman...

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Are you a male Lightning fan? Doing the MOvember thing? How about attending the game tonight at the Amalie? If so, tonight is your night. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • Defenseman Anton Stralman is carrying a load and has been a workhorse to the point the Lightning are getting wary of wearing him down. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Off the subject of hockey: Tis the season to do outdoor skating in downtown Tampa! [The Tampa Tribune]
  • Attention holiday shoppers... Raw Charge's custom apparel. [Gameday Depot]
  • Fitting because the Ducks are tonight's opponent for the Lightning... This little incognito Ryan Kesler adventure happened during the preseason. Kesler suits up as a Ducks fan and hangs out during a game.
  • Game one of the weekend series between the St. John's IceCaps and the Syracuse Crunch has already been played but here's the series preview that came out Friday. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • You may have already heard (figuratively) the American Hockey League All-Star Game will also feature a tournament format change comparable to the NHL format this year. Now you can hear it literally, as the format shift was unveiled on Syracuse radio-man Brent Axe's show. [Soundcloud]
  • NHL All-Star game, AHL All-Star Game... Formatting be damned, what about the women? Yeah, an ASG is happening in the NWHL too! [Watch This]
  • Before an All-Star Game, something more beloved for its animosity is growing in the NWHL: A rivalry. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • So the attendance at Barclays Center is low for the New York Islanders. What that franchise needs is an intro to the real Brooklyn and to better connect to the town! Enter Larry Whitmore and commence thy laughter. [Puck Daddy]
  • "C'mon and fight me! Fight me! Let's go! Take me on you chicken!!"
    "OK, let's go. I'm gonna' kick you're a—"
    "No! Please no! Mommy! 
    sad panda is sad
    " [Second City Hockey]
  • It's a little easier to let go of a player who is forthright, honest and direct about requesting a trade. You can take a look at things in the business-of-the-sport sense. That's Dan Saraceni's write-up: assessing fair trade value for Travis Harmonic. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Pitching a pending UFA sell-off by the Vancouver Canucks at the deadline. Maybe they saw geofitz4's feature on recent pending-UFA trade payouts and want to hit the jackpot too? [Canucks Army]
  • The Calgary Flames were once again owned by the Townsend Tigers. "Once again" representing 35 annual wins in an annual wheelchair hockey game between Townsend and the NHL Flames. [Calgary Metro News]
  • Once again, Alexander Semin has painted himself into a corner. Will he get his head on straight or has he ended his tenure with another franchise? [Eyes on the Prize]
  • For media and blogger types (myself included) you have to be careful what you say on Twitter. 140 characters gives highly limited context of a statement that can be taken a lot of ways and stoke a lot of flames. Like relocation and the Carolina Hurricanes. [Canes Country]