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Quick Strikes for Saturday, November 7

Lightning defense highlighted in a few articles, a whopingly lopsided international game, and some unveilings to grand hockey events being played later this season.

Mike Carlson/Getty Images
  • The spotlight is shown on Tampa Bay Lightning's top defensive tandem in Anton Stralman and Victor Hedman. [ESPN]
  • Matt Carle has been a hot topic lately with trade rumors and his healthy scratches... Yet Carle says he's not bitter over things, and he doesn't want to leave. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • I don't know which is more noteworthy - content details for the 2015-16 season premiere of "Inside the Lightning" or the fact Sun Sports is being referred to now as Fox Sports Sun. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • It's not Crunch news directly but... the logo for the 2016 AHL All-Star game that'll be played at War Memorial has been unveiled. [Syracuse Crunch]
  • Lightning prospect in the spotlight: Anthony Cirelli. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • What's worse here - the news Vincent Lecaalier unintentionally smacked Brayden Schenn with his stick while swatting at a puck in the air, or the Toronto Sun sensationalizing it as near-decapitation? [Toronto Sun]
  • Meanwhile, last night the Pittsburgh Penguins scratched Pascal Dupuis from the lineup... and had him admitted to the hospital. [Pittsburgh Penguins]
  • The Vezina Trophy - it was Carey Price's thing up until he got knocked out of play (well, if he held consistent, anyway). So with Price sidelined, who should you trust to critique the field of Vezina candidates? The experts. The InGoal Magazine crew. [InGoal Magazine]
  • In St. Louis, Martin Havlat has been signed to a one-year contract by the Blues and another roster move of note took place too. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • In other St. Louis Blues news... #Roarbacon.  [St. Louis Today]
  • The Montreal Canadiens unveiled their attire for the 2016 Winter Classic. They'll be facing the Boston Bruins in that match. That's a historical rivalry spotlighted... It's only fitting that the history of le bleu blanc et rogue is highlighted in their sweaters. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • "...playing the entire game with a broken foot." Ouch! [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Fantasy hockey apps are out there, but how many are buy former members of the GM suite? A former assistant GM is behind one of the applications out there for fantasy hockey players. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Keith Yandle and Dan Boyle are put under the microscope statistically and analytically with their play for the Rangers. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • I wonder what ofCorsi's Yandle and Boyle tend to deal with from Rangers fans? [Gameday Depot]
  • "The five biggest surprises in the NHL so far"; the fact that "Connor McDavid fell down, went boom" isn't included may suggest it was predictable... Or this was compiled before it happened. [Sports Glory]
  • If you're a gambler or put weight in odds released by gambling establishments, you might take interest in the new numbers released for Calder Trophy contenders - who is favored to win the NHL's top-rookie title now that Connor McDavid is out of the picture? [Winging it in Motown]
  • 26-0. that's a football score right there, ain't it? In this case, it's Olympic qualifying hockey, and Estonia demolished Bulgaria in the contest. [IIHF]
  • Finally, this is very off topic as it's a charity fundraiser at a church and what it's using to gather funds ain't hockey. That being said, a marathon viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy will be taking place at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Tampa on November 14th to raise money for Toys for Tots. With the new film coming out a month from now, it seems timely (and for a good cause). [Facebook]