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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, February 10

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Trade deadline talk, Vegas and it's season-ticket drive, punny love and more reads from around hockey.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
  • Valentine's Day is Saturday and the Tampa Bay Lightning has gotten involved in a punny way. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Raw Charge's own Kyle Alexander was on the "How about some hockey talk?"" podcast, talking about... the Lightning! []
  • It's a gamble what tonight's opponent, the Nashville Predators, should do at the trade deadline. Should they take a hit and make a deal, or stand pat and see how the cards play out? [On the Forecheck]
  • Evgeni Nabokov will end his career on Wednesday with the San Jose Sharks. Lighthouse Hockey, who represents one of Nabby's former teams, touches on goaltending, coaching and the mysterious men of the crease. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Speaking of goalies... Our old friend Mike Smith has regressed in this poor season for the Arizona Coyotes. He should not be part of the rebuilding franchise's future says one writer. [Two Pad Stack]
  • The city of Las Vegas starts its season ticket drive for a potential NHL expansion team in earnest starting today. Now it's time for the market to show it actually wants a team. [Stadium News]
  • The Evander Kane saga is not over. Nowhere near it, actually while he remains on the Winnipeg roster; it's a divorce that just hasn't happened yet. The latest scuttlebutt is that Kane's hometown Vancouver Canucks wouldn't be against bringing him home. []
  • Vancouver ain't the only player when it comes to NHL interest in Kane. The Washington Capitals have also expressed interest in the Winnipeg Jets forward. [The Score]
  • The city of Flint, Michigan is getting an Ontario Hockey League junior team and it looks like they're naming them the ... Flint Tropics? [Sports Illustrated]