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Quick Strikes for Thursday, February 12

Jon Cooper shows off his skills in tinkering with his lines, Vasilevskiy adjusts to life in the NHL, Nabokov retires, and more.

Alex Trautwig/Getty Images
  • Jon Cooper showed off his skills in tinkering with the lines during Tuesday night's game against Nashville. After getting only a few scoring chances through a majority of the game, the Lightning pushed back in the final period to get one point out of a game against the top team of the NHL. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Andrei Vasilevskiy has seemed to adjust well to his role as a backup in the NHL. He has shown flashes of brilliance in his four NHL victories to this point. []
  • The San Jose Sharks honored Evgeni Nabokov last night during their game against the Washington Capitals. The longtime Sharks goalie participated in a ceremonial puck drop before the game on the day he announced his retirement. [theScore]
  • Evander Kane finally got the change of scenery he needed. The Buffalo Sabres picked him up from the Winnipeg Jets in a blockbuster trade yesterday afternoon. Kane said after the news broke that it is "nice to feel wanted." [ESPN]
  • Here are three other young players who can benefit from a change of scenery. [theScore]
  • Jamie Benn recently said some things during a radio interview about the Sedin twins of the Vancouver Canucks that he probably shouldn't have. The Dallas Stars apologized for the remarks. [Defending Big D]