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Quick Strikes for Saturday, February 14

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'Tis the season for NHL trade bait & NHL trade rumors, plus some goofy photobombing as well as skating lessons in today's Quick Strikes.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
  • The one thing you have to respect about John Tortorella is that he's brutally honest, even with himself. Like him or agree with him or not, he always calls it like he sees it. And in this case, he sees that the Vancouver Canucks were right in firing him.  []
  • I have some questions about this. One, who wears hockey jerseys to the mall unless it's before a game. And if it's before a game, then two, why is Matt Martin at the mall? I'm all kinds of confused here. Still, the best part is that they met up, after all. Oh, look. A happy ending! [Puck Daddy]
  • All around the fandom of the Tampa Bay Lightning, much is being made of how they need another defensemen. Well, so do a bunch of other teams, including the Pittsburgh Penguins. Which is almost certainly hiking up the price. [CBS Sports NHL]
  • Speaking of trades, here are five reportedly excellent candidates to move to another team. And, funny how there's only one defenseman. I'm not sure how five teams can share one guy.... Oh, incidentally, one of these players' chances just got better - see below. [Washington Post]
  • Sean Bergenheim has requested a trade from the Florida Panthers. (Nice little coincidence there, huh?) Anywho, head coach Gerard Gallant publicly admitted that he was scratched due to lack of effort. Ooops. [Sun-Sentinal]
  • This has been going on for years and years - NHLers getting skating lessons from figure skaters that is. Apparently it was news to Brian Boyle when he started doing this, however. Though, it does sort of remind me of how football players used to take ballet lessons back in the 1980s. Yes, even the linesmen. Just imagine a 350-pound offensive tackle in ballet slippers. See? Made you smile.  [ESPNW Magazine]
  • Some NHL teams are so desperate that they're calling up the Boston Bruins to see if they'll trade goaltending prospect Malcolm Subban. (Yes, P.K. Subban's brother.) Either that, or they're trying to catch Boston in a moment of weakness as they're scrapping for a wild card spot in the Eastern Conference. Regardless, he's currently playing in the AHL. [The Score]
  • And finally, as a Washingtonian, I feel obligated to keep people updated on what the NHL is doing with Seattle. Because, well, I can. So here you go, the next installment: ownership groups and arena sites in Seattle. And don't worry about not knowing where Tukwila is, as most people in Seattle aren't too sure where it is, either. [NHL to Seattle]