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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, February 17

Hockey, hockey, and Matt Carle - oh, and more hockey.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • NHL power rankings. Or, SB Nation hockey blog power rankings? You. Make. The. Call. [SB Nation NHL]
  • Matt Carle is on schedule to return to the Tampa Bay Lightning at the start of March. So, maybe we can all hold off on trading for a defenseman talk? No? Oh, well. Carry on, then. [Tampa Tribune]
  • The Lightning helps a dying fan complete his bucket list. It's suddenly so dusty in here. Remember to go hug your family and friends tonight, and tell them that you love and appreciate them. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Jaromir Jagr isn't asking for a trade, and doesn't feel unwanted, but thinks that the New Jersey Devils ought to trade him. Ummm...okay. So who's he trying to kid here? []
  • Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall insists that they won't be buyers at the trade deadline in order to make playoffs. I wonder how fast he'll change his tune if they're only a point or two out of contention. Don't go counting your chickens - or goalies - before they hatch, Mr. Hextall. [Camden County Courier-Post]
  • Isn't this sweet? Los Angeles Kings media types actually thought that maybe the Eastern Conference of the NHL isn't so weak. Do you still think that now, guys? Guys? Hey, is anyone here? [LA Kings Insider]