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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, February 24

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Coordinating goalie masks, how old is too old, hockey analytics talk, and more in today's Quick Strikes.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop has a new mask, everyone! I'm sure it'll go nicely with the black third jerseys. It's nice when a goalie likes to coordinate his helmet with his uniform, isn't it? I wonder if he gives out fashion advice, too. [The Hockey News]
  • Tom Sestito, a former Syracuse Crunch winger, has been let go by the Vancouver Canucks and the Utica Comets. No reasons mentioned as of yet. Sort of strange, but okay. [Vancouver Canucks]
  • The Professor, Igor Larionov, has some thoughts about how hockey and the NHL has changed over his lifetime. And not necessarily in a good way, either. I was never a Detroit Red Wings fan, but I sort of miss the Russian Five. [Player's Tribune]
  • Sidney Crosby's less than typically stellar season is being chalked up to him getting...old...? Really? That's the best you guys can come up with? If 27 is too old, then what does that make Martin St. Louis? Wait. Don't answer that. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
  • James Mirtle critiques the NHL's first official foray into publicly publishing advanced statistics, and he's not impressed. Judging from the reactions that I've seen on Twitter, no one is. But, hey, you've got to start somewhere. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Speaking of advanced sports statistics and analytics (yes, there's a difference), ESPN has ranked the best of North American sports by league and then by team. I feel sort of dirty leaving a link for ESPN here, but such is life. Judge me if you want. [ESPN]
  • If you were on Twitter when this Morgan Rielly quote came out, you saw the hockey crowd blow up about it. The fact is, it doesn't matter who said it. What's important is making sure people understand why it matters. Whether you agree with the why of it or not is entirely a different story. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Boston Bruins center David Krejci is probably done for the regular season, but does that mean the Bruins are done, too? The Florida Panthers I'm sure are hoping so. Stay tuned. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]