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Quick Strikes for Saturday, February 28

You add in some Tampa Bay Lightning news, with some Syracuse Crunch stuff, then toss in a dash of Bob voilà! Saturday morning Quick strikes, breakfast of champions.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Elliotte Friedman mentioned the Tampa Bay Lightning as being a possible destination for Edmonton Oilers defenseman Jeff Petry to land by the trade deadline on Monday. Petry is a right-shot, which we all know by now the Lightning seem to ridiculously covet. But, he will also be an unrestricted free agent come 1 July, and we all know by now how general manager Steve Yzerman feels about that. [Nichols on Hockey]
  • ...However, an Oilers journalist doesn't seem to agree with Friedman, as the Lightning are nowhere to be found on his list of potential bidders for Petry's services. []
  • The Syracuse Crunch lost 7-6 in a crazy game last night. Despite the close score, no one seemed very happy about it. Wonder if getting another defenseman back when Matt Carle returns will make them feel any better? []
  • Then again, the Crunch may have lost captain Mike Angelidis for...well, who knows? That's still to be determined. []
  • Want to get an idea of what it might take to retain Nikita Kucherov when his contract comes up? Look no further than what it might take for the St. Louis Blues to keep Vladimir Tarasenko around. Though, we can all agree that living in Tampa in the winter is much nicer than living in St. Louis, yes? [St. Louis Game Time]
  • So the San Jose Sharks are "looking for a 25-year-old goalie". Is there something magical about goalies that are at the age of 25 that I'm missing? Or, does it sound to anyone else like they have someone specific in mind? And when does this fellow have to be 25 years old to start playing for them? So many questions! [Fear the Fin]
  • Is there really such a thing as having a contract that's too good to trade away? Victor Hedman may have one. But, seriously, I want to know - is that really possible? Just asking. For a friend. [The Score]
  • And, finally, probably more than you ever wanted to know about the amazingly awesome godfather of hockey, Bob Mckenzie. Just don't ask him about police brutality. Or what's for lunch. But he'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about James Duthie, apparently. [reddit hockey]