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Quick Strikes for Monday, March 16

Talks to reduce the amount of shootouts come back, but that may not be the right solution. Also, Mike Babcock talks about his struggling Red Wings and Cam Talbot’s future in New York is up in the air.

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Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
  • The annual spring general manager meetings are set to begin on Monday here in sunny Florida. A familiar item on the agenda: 3-on-3 overtime. [USA Today]
  • Is the "problem" with shootouts, though, that much of a problem? Let's revisit a post by site manager John Fontana, who believes it may be an issue with the NHL points system. [Raw Charge]
  • When Henrik Lundqvist went down with a fluke throat injury, everyone thought the Rangers' run toward another playoff berth was done. Cam Talbot has kept those dreams alive, but could he be on the way out of New York at the end of the season? [Old School NY Sports]
  • The NHL regular season is quickly coming to an end, but plenty of questions remain over the last few weeks. []
  • Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock wants to know what his team is made of as it wades through a bit of a rough patch as of late. [Detroit Free Press]
  • It was a wild one in Pittsburgh yesterday, as penalties were handed out left and right in an attempt to control the game. Here is the recap from the Penguins point of view. [Pensburgh]
  • ...And here is the recap from the other side of the fence, with some advanced analysis. [Winging it in Motown]
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs are quite a way off from being a good team. One party that is probably kicking themselves right now is the Canadian communications company Rogers, which partially owns the Leafs. [The Province]