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Seeking and speaking of watering holes and fan friendly places for out of town fans

Are there congregating points for Bolts fans not in Tampa Bsay? How about friendly establishments for non-Lightning fans in Tampa Bay?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida is a state of transplants. Plenty of retirees are here, or emigrants from other states looking for a sunnier life. In that sense, I think many fans can relate to Raw Charge community member reddogbluedog and his relocation displacement; after being in the Tampa Bay area so long, after growing up with the Lightning from their inception until now, he's relocated for work to the Pacific Northwest. Trying to follow Lightning games is a challenge.

That's a story that's played out for other Lightning fans, and it plays out with the 29 other NHL teams regularly.

With the fact of fan-displacement in mind, here is a question: Outside of the Tampa Bay area, can you name a sports-bar that is Tampa Bay Lightning fan-friendly, or a meeting point for Bolts fans? How about San Jose, California where our own Cassie McClellan is located? Or the latter half of Tampacuse, Syracuse, New York; is there a local establishment that's propping up the Lightning and the former Crunch members now in the NHL?

While we're on the subject of fan-friendly establishments, what are the out-of-town friendly sports-bars around the Tampa Bay area? It is snowbird season after all and Tampa Bay plays host to many who come for spring training or spring break. Are there any local establishments known to be center points for specific NHL teams other than the Tampa Bay Lightning (if not catering in general to hockey fans and being willing to tune a TV to any requested game)?