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An open letter request to; Update the Lightning logo you employ

A great reference tool doesn't have accurate logo representation for the Bolts.

The page for the Tampa Bay Lightning as of March 25, 2015
The page for the Tampa Bay Lightning as of March 25, 2015


Your website is an oft-referenced tool for fans and media alike regarding playoff odds in a variety of sports. It goes beyond simple scoreboard watching and posts stats and odds and other metrics which inform the reader and can entertain or break hearts, but it's a great item to reference.

Yet while metrics for the NHL are updated daily, there's an element on your page for the Tampa Bay Lightning that hasn't been updated in four years time: The logo for the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise.  The logo currently employed on that represents the Lightning hasn't been used since the Lightning lost in the Eastern Conference finals in 2011. The logo currently employed by the Bolts has been known since it was unveiled in the winter of 2011.

It just seems appropriate that a powerful reference site as is consistent with being up-to-date. While the issue at play is just a team logo and doesn't remove the relevance of the actual schedule data and other metrics on, I'm a proud fan of my team and its brand and colors (as most fans are of their respective teams in their respective sports). I just want to see it represented accurately.

I had tried contacting you privately about this issue a week ago with no response. I'm not quite sure this more public message will bring about change, but I'd thought I'd try it anyway.