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Quick Strikes for Thursday, April 2

Late night goalie signings, playoff ticket sales policy, salary cap issues, & a hockey sitcom coming your way in today's Quick Strikes.

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Disclaimer: Please note that most of these stories came out yesterday, on April 1st. We believe that they're true and not April Fool's jokes, but sometimes, you never can tell. So if something strikes you as being wrong, then let us know in the comments. Thank you.

  • While you were perhaps sleeping, or trying to sleep, Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman snuck in a collegiate signing. Goaltender Adam Wilcox has committed to a 2-year entry level contract. But the sneaky part is that he's already in Syracuse, and has also signed an ATO contract with them to finish the season there. So. Sneaky. [Raw Charge]
  • The ticket selling policy for Lightning playoff games on TicketMaster are that sales are apparently restricted to those people with a Florida State mailing address. Well, that might screw up my plans for trying to catch a first round game. I appreciate the help out here in California - as do all of the other out-of-state and international fans that were also probably planning trips to Tampa for the playoffs, I'm sure. [Sports Illustrated]
  • James Mirtle writes glowingly of the Yzerplan, and thinks that the Toronto Maple Leafs ought to emulate what Yzerman has done with the Bolts. Which is great advice for any struggling team, really. But, let's be honest, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Former Lightning forward Brett Connolly is making his way back into the Boston Bruins lineup. If you may recall, he broke his finger in his second practice with his new team. He may return to the ice as soon as tonight, however. [Big Bad Blog]
  • The San Jose Sharks AHL team will be relocated to San Jose in the fall, but they haven't released what the new name and logo will be yet for them. Perhaps this is it? If so, then there's only one theme song they could possibly have. [Icethetics]
  • Apparently the Winnipeg Jets have been teasing their fans with maybe making playoffs. But the gig is up - it's looking like they probably won't. I want to add something snarky here, but I think I'll just leave it at that. [Winnipeg Sun]
  • Die-hard hockey fan Denis Leary has had eight episodes of a hockey sitcom greenlighted by the channel IFC. Beer league hockey, of course. Still, maybe something to look forward to? [A.V. Club]
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins aren't currently playing with a full lineup due to salary cap issues. They're only dressing 19 players, which is just one short, but still. You have to wonder how this will work out next season, as the salary cap isn't going up by very much. [Pensburgh]