T. Johnny B Goode

Thousands upon thousands of words have been written about Tyler Johnson. His rise from an undrafted, unheralded player from Spokane of the Western Hockey League through the American Hockey League and now to the National Hockey League playoffs. He is a fun and exciting player to watch. He has speed, skill, heart, determination, vision, skill, tenacity. Through four games, he has four goals and five points in the playoffs. Stamkos has Hammer Time and Callahan has Going Back To Cali. I think it's time for the Lightning to honor their smallest warrior with his own goal song.

So, I present to you, Johnny B. Goode. With all due respect to Chuck Berry, one of the most influential musicians on rock and roll, I have to bring you this version of Johnny B. Goode by Phish as my preferred rendition of this classic with it's upbeat and aggressive presentation that so readily reminds us of Tyler Johnson.

So my friends, my fellow Lightning fans! Let's show the Lightning that we really want this! I encourage all of you to tweet at them, comment on their Facebook page, and use the hashtag #TJohnnyBGoode Let's get this movement started!

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