Off Topic: Explaining what you never asked to be explained from a Raw Charge game thread

For those who inhabit the Raw Charge game threads, you've probably noticed me posting a GIF image after the end of every period of play. Here it is:

It's a little small, it's also completely out of context... who is it? Where is it from? I'm glad you asked!

The four people in the image are (from left to right) George Harrison, James Paul McCartney III, Richard Starkey (aka Ringo Starr) and John Winston Ono Lennon; the Beatles. The GIF is taken from their 1965 film "Help!". In the absurd context of the moment, here is that brief clip in full:

But it's not in full. It's simply one small part of an absurd scene transition. There's a "part two" which is more absurdity which would make sense if you saw the movie and knew what was going on. There's no intermission between that part two and part three (which is the resumption of the film in general).

Yeah, yeah, it's not hockey whatsoever. It's part of why this post is labeled "Off Topic"... but I did think I owed site regulars a little explanation.

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