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[UPDATED] 2015 NHL Playoffs: Will "Frozen on Ice" be put on ice due to NHL Playoffs? Answer: No

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

For those who have tickets to Frozen on Ice this weekend at Amalie Arena, there's a good chance the events will be rescheduled or cancelled due to a conflict with the NHL Playoffs. It is not known as of this writing who the Tampa Bay Lightning will face in the Eastern Conference Finals and that is why we cannot say the event will or won't be cancelled... Not until we find out who wins tonight's game between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals in New York City.

It's all about playoff seeding; the Rangers had the best record in the NHL in 2014-15 and that means they host the start of every playoff series.  If they win tonight, the Lightning will travel to New York for the first games in their playof series.

The Washington Capitals, however, had a weaker season record than the Lightning.  If Washington wins tonight then the Lightning would host the Capitals. What time and what day hasn't been announced but Friday or Saturday would be the first game of the series at Amalie Arena.

The Tampa Tribune has a more detailed (from a Frozen on Ice perspective) overview of the situation.

UPDATE 10:50 PM EDT with the New York Rangers 2-1 win over the Washington Capitals, the Lightning will be playing in New York to start the Eastern Conference Finals. The Frozen on Ice events will not be canceled.