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Quick Strikes for Thursday, May 14

NHL coaches, NHL playoff series, and NHL goalies in this edition of Quick Strikes!

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • I love national media types that latch on to a single good game and announce that all problems are solved and everything will be right and good again. And they might be - who knows? But let's all hope that the Tampa Bay Lightning have managed to turn things around for good this playoffs and play up to their potential. [Grantland]
  • It's the very last game recap for the Montreal Canadiens this season. If you choose to comment, please be respectful and try not to gloat. There's no need to be that kind of fan. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • Despite not making it past the Lightning and into the Eastern Conference Final, the Canadiens have a bright future ahead of them. Especially if they decide to not dismantle the team this summer, just because they can. They have a young and talented core, as well as Carey Price, so them saying "maybe next year" isn't just wishful thinking. [All Habs]
  • Montreal head coach Michel Therrien had some interesting things to say about his team postgame, after they fell out of playoffs. Many felt that he threw his players under the bus, but that's not the entire problem. Such as, how does a team with such talent have to depend upon their goalie to get them wins? [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • It was mentioned repeatedly after the Lightning won Game 6 that no Canadian-based team has won a Stanley Cup since Montreal did in 1993. To be honest, I have no idea why that's such a big deal. Especially when most NHL teams are made up of roughly 50% Canadian-born players. [Today's Slapshot]
  • An ode to how fans love and hate Game 7s. Or, at least, how the New York Rangers fans might. In case you missed it, it turned out pretty well for them, in the end. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • By the way, if you're looking for the game recap of the Rangers overtime win, here you go. Welcome to your next opponent, Bolts fans. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Speaking of the Rangers, backup goalie Cam Talbot has a pretty sweet paint job on his mask these days. [In Goal Magazine]
  • Looks like former San Jose Sharks head coach Todd McLellan has found a new home for next season. Seriously, though, I don't care how many playoff collapses you might've been a part of. No one deserves to have to go coach the Edmonton Oilers. [Copper & Blue]
  • With the emergence of Andrew Hammond - AKA The Hamburglar - Ottawa Senators fans are now wondering what will become of Robin Lehner. After saving the season and his playoff performance, it's hard to see Hammond return to the backup role. [The 6th Sens]
  • If you're frustrated with on-ice officiating in the NHL, the AHL is also having problems. To the point where player safety might be becoming a concern. And that's really no good for anyone. [Winging It in Motown]