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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, May 6

Some Tampa Bay & Montreal series updates, as well as series commentary, plus a few odds & ends - minus the kitchen sink, of course.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

  • So I'm not sure how they got 111 days out of this. I mean, it's a nice feature on Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Palat, and Nikita Kucherov of the Tampa Bay Lightning and all, but what's this 111 days stuff? Where the heck is their methodology?! [SportsNet]
  • Hey, did you know that Steven Stamkos has scored a goal in playoffs? Yep. It's true. It was in Game 2 of the second round versus the Montreal Canadiens. Man, I sure hope he can do that again, at some point. Because apparently some people thought he wasn't going to score all playoffs, for some weird reason...? [Puck Daddy]
  • The Canadiens' fan view of what went wrong with Montreal in Games 1 & 2. Also known as, what Lightning fans hope they keep doing in Games 3 & 4. [All Habs]
  • Brandon Prust formally and publicly apologized for trash talking a referee after Game 2 in Montreal. I had originally thought that it was because he'd been slapped with a monster fine, but he was just charged $5,000 for it. So someone probably pointed out to him that bad-mouthing refs wasn't a good idea, especially if you want them to give you the benefit of the doubt on borderline calls on the ice during playoffs. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Speaking of Prust, Habs fans kind of want their team to calm down a bit. And, you know, take fewer penalties. Jokes on them, because the Lightning have been playing better even strength all season long than on the power play. But we'll keep it between us that Game 2's power play goal fest was just an aberration, 'kay? [All Habs]
  • The planning has begun for the Kraft Hockeyville in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing a preseason game there as part of the festivities, and logistics are being arranged for that undertaking as well. If you're wondering about the Bolts' connection to Johnstown - General Manager Steve Yzerman played his very first professional preseason hockey game there. [Johnstown Tribune-Democrat]
  • The ice surface was taken out of Nassau Coliseum for the last time for the New York Islanders. Come September, it will be the first time in 43 years that the ice won't be in place for the Islanders to skate on. They'll be at the Barclays Center instead. It's the end of an era on Long Island, and the start of a new one in Brooklyn. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • With the appearance of a contending arena situation in the Greater Seattle Area, there's a very real possibility that there may be a place for an NHL expansion team to play at very soon. Commissioner Gary Bettman is practically frothing at the mouth to put a team there, just as soon as there's a building ready to be built, which is why the arena situation is kind of a big deal. Oh. And, if you're curious, Tukwila is pronounced "tuck-will-ah". I'm from around there, so I kinda know. [Sonics Rising]
  • The Ottawa Senators are looking to keep the masked avenger within their grasp, as they've started contract negotiations with Andrew Hammond. Looks like the Hamburglar will be staying in the capitol of Canada for a while, if the team has anything to say about that. But fans aren't so sure if he's a one-season wonder yet or not. [The 6th Sens]
  • It's time to update your hockey bookmarks! There is a new site that tracks salaries and the salary cap. It's still new, so please be patient - this isn't CapGeek as it ended, but it's trying to get there. You can also follow them on Twitter: @generalfanager. [General Fanager]