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Quick Strikes for Saturday, May 9

"Are you worried yet?" Or maybe you shouldn't be worried because sweeps are less potent than you think? Saturday morning reads on this playoff game day.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Martin Fennelly at the Tampa Tribune didn't quite care for the effort from the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night, as was the same for most fans. In a related story, this author doesn't quite care for Fennely's writing style whatsoever, but he does have a point. []
  • Countering Fennelly's doom-and-gloom, you-should-worry take is this piece talking about the value of mixed value of the sweep; yeah, you can take pride in it but recent follow-up feats by sweeping teams have resulted in failure. [Along the Boards]
  • You've heard it from big-time media sources, now we go local and touch on a narrative active during and after the conclusion of game 4: Steven Stamkos isn't shooting. []
  • The playoffs have given some extra exposure to the Sticks of Fire Supporters Group on a national level. [Along the Boards]
  • Tampa International Airport is showing its support for the Lightning in very subtle fashion. []
  • Someone working at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has got to be a Tampa Bay Lightning fan (or at least respects the franchise enough) to keep getting Bolts players referenced on the show. The latest? Brian Boyle. [Sports Talk Florida]
  • Philadelphia Flyers GM went on the record about the team's offseason and the Vinny appeasement sear—er, I mean head coaching search as well as the contract situation for Jakub Voracek. [CSN Philly]
  • He may be a polarizing figure in sports with thanks to off-screen drama (as well as his years covering the new sand politics) but here's Keith Olbermann going to bat for the NHL playoffs on the station that's turned up its nose at the sport in favor of the NBA among other things:

  • The NHL President's Trophy, the award for the best record during the regular-season, is not cursed despite its reputation for such... Really! It's not! Hello 2014-15 New York Rangers... [Five Thirty Eight]
  • At Saddledome last night... Well, John Gaudreau trademarked the nickname "Johnny Hockey" during the season for a reason. This would be an example of it, he got the assist as Sean Monahan gets the goal:

  • The Chicago Blackhawks may have swept the Minnesota Wild in the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs, but they've lost a man from the lineup and the rest of their playoffs run due to injury. [SB Nation]
  • Something is mighty consistent in the 2015 NHL Playoffs in the second round: Everything's been lop-sided in the series results for some reason. [Puck Daddy]
  • One thing the NHL Playoffs has had this year is its share of controversial goals and wave-offs (counterpoint: how often doesn't the NHL playoffs have controversy tied to goals?). Here's a handy article / quiz on the subject matter. [Grantland]
  • On Friday, New York Islanders owner Charles Wang addressed fans through a full page ad in Newsday. [NYI Point Blank]