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Quick Strikes for Thursday, June 11th

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Tyler Johnson Conn Smythe argument, more picked up checks, Bolts-inspired baby names, AHL CBA news, and more in this edition of Quick Strikes.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tyler Johnson should still be the favorite to win the Conn Smythe Trophy [Bleacher Report]
  • A Tampa couple has named their baby after Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop [Bright House Sports Network]
  • Actor Vince Vaughn picked up the check for Lightning head coach Jon Cooper at Chicago Cut.  [Comcast Sportsnet Chicago]
  • Chicago welcomed Alan Eagleson to United Center during game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, something not everyone was happy with []
  • The Syracuse Crunch is holding a jersey sale starting today with deep discounts on the team's full stock of jerseys [Syracuse Crunch]
  • The AHL and the PHPA are going to have problems when it comes to their new CBA that must be carved out this summer [Wrong Side of the Red Line]
  • Central New York local Erik Cole will not be re-signed by the Detroit Red Wings and will enter free agency on July 1st. [NBC Sports]
  • There is a lot going on in Glendale right now as the City fights with the Coyotes [Five for Howling]
  • Allan Muir weighs on on the situation in Glendale [Sports Illustrated]
  • There will be seven new coaches in the NHL next season, and NHL Insider has the rundown []