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Quick Strikes for Saturday, June 13

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Jokes, stylish jokes, interviews, Tampacuse and a former Lightning prospect signs a new contract with the Blackhawks. These are just a few morning reads for this game day Saturday.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning ticket policy and dress code has dawn a lot of criticism from opponents through the playoffs (Detroit Red Wings fans, Montreal Canadiens fans, New York Rangers and of course Chicago Blackhawks fans). Leave it up to the Onion to find a cold yet funny play on it. [The Onion]
  • It started as a joke, it spread, and now... Alex Killorn is stylin' his playoff mustache deliberately. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • No joking here, all business: Lightning vs. Blackhawks is scoring high in the TV ratings game for NBC. [Tampa Tribune]
  • A couple of weeks ago, it looked like Tyler Johnson was the reason the Lightning were getting where they were. Now, a case is being made for defenseman Victor Hedman to win the Conn Smythe. Has Headman been the most valuable player for the Lightning for the duration of the playoffs, though? My question, not the question of the source who thinks Big Vic should get the nod. []
  • Speaking of Hedman, he's one of the key characters in James Mirtle's in-depth Stanley Cup Finals matchups piece. [The Globe and Mail]
  • A lot less depth - a little Q&A with defenseman Matthew Carle. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Kristers Gudlevskis was in the spotlight during the 2014 Winter Olympics and now he finds himself on edge of the spotlight again as the #3 goalie on the Lightning's Finals depth chart. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • The guy he backed up in Game 4, Andrei Vasilevskiy, is a commodity obtained through a long trade chain for the Bolts, dating back to 2003. [CBS Sports]
  • Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final will be on Monday... and the watch party in Tampa will be at Amalie Arena. [Tampa Bay Lightning]]
  • A connection between the Lightning and Blackhawks is in the news: Prospect defenseman Kirill Gotovets has signed an AHL contract with the AHL Rockford Ice Hogs. Gotovets was drafted by the Lightning in 2009 and traded in 2013 to Chicago. [Second City Hockey]
  • Speaking of former Lightning prospects, Lindsay Kramer puts together a feature piece on Tampacuse alumni Cory Conacher and where he is at his career and life. []
  • The sequel to the movie Goon is preparing to start filming. Here are some notes on casting for the flick. [TSN]