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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, June 17

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While Lightning faithful rebound from heartbreak, the NHL world keeps moving. Recaps, free agency scuttlebutt and features for Wednesday.

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  • Welcome to the summer of 2015, where no the desolation of the landscape is a lack of the sport of ice hockey being played. But first! A recap / review of the 16 NHL playoff teams including our Tampa Bay Lightning. [ESPN]
  • Pete on Bolt Prospects recaps Monday. To link to a recap seems sort of mundane and needless, and I wouldn't be doing it unless I thought it was a worthwhile read. Invest some time in it. [Bolt Prospects]
  • The heartbreak of the Bolts conceding the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks was expressed in different ways by Lightning fans in Tampa Bay... You bunch of perverts. *NSFW* [Pornhub]
  • Goalie Ben Bishop spoke more about his groin tear; the playoffs drove him to play through pain. The netminder has a habit of doing that - see 2013-14 and his wrist for proof of it. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • From the outsider perspective, James Mirtle observes the situation in Tampa: One full of hope. [The Globe and Mail]
  • It's so rare that Don Cherry invokes the Tampa Bay Lightning, let alone his usual pissed off spiel directed at them: Good Ontario Boy Steven Stamkos was mishandled by Jon Cooper! [CBC]
  • Not to hit the sore spot, but some details on the Chicago Blackhawks championship parade (schedule and all that). [SB Nation]
  • You want proof that was a damn good series (though it didn't have the outcome Lightning fans would prefer)? It's the 2nd most watched series on record. [ESPN]
  • E3 is currently ongoing and NHL '16 is just one of the many, many games exposed during the electronics expo. Here's a review of next season's game. [Polygon]
  • Keep an eye on the curious case of goalie Devan Dubynk. A year ago his future as an NHL goalkeeper seemed all but over. One year later, he's a difficult commodity to re-sign for the Minnesota Wild and may hit the free agent market as a hot commodity. [The Pink Puck]
  • You remember Alexi Yashin? Yeah, we do... Barely. He's been gone so long that he's faded from NHL fans psyches. Well, the center is only now coming off the books from the New York Islanders ledger. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • The business and political drama of the Arizona Coyotes continues and will likely keep playing out through next season. Relocation threat lodged if the club loses a lawsuit against the city of Glendale. [TSN]