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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, June 30

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We've got some crazy hockey & some hockey crazies, as well as expansion & draft assessments in today's edition of Quick Strikes.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports
  • Sorry, everyone. No franchise players on the move for free agency this year. I guess we'll all have to suck it up and just make do with the other 30 or 40 players going to different teams. How awful is that going to be, right? []
  • There's been a lot of commentary about the type of players the Tampa Bay Lightning chose at this year's draft, and it basically boils down to "guys like Ryan Callahan". Which is great - I adore Ryan Callahan - but there's a problem with that. If the playoffs are anything to go by, they're going to need some more pure goal scorers down the line. So, maybe they were playing it a little too safe at the draft? [The Lightning Lounge]
  • Speaking of the draft.... Here are some team grades about the draft - as well as some commentary about the Boston Bruins. Don't worry; from the outside looking in, the Bolts got better than a passing grade, despite protestations. [Puck Daddy]
  • Oh, Boston. Why you so crazy now? You're making us all feel bad for you. And that takes some doing, doesn't it? It's shades of those OK Hockey days when Brian Lawton was GM. (Sorry for the PTSD flashbacks, guys.) [Days of Y'Orr]
  • Speaking of crazy, if you haven't heard about what's going on with Mike Richards and the Los Angeles Kings, you're missing out on some high drama. Lawsuits may be pending. And/or, other GMs will follow Dean Lombardi's example to shed salary. It's hard to say how this is going to pan out right now since it's early yet. [ESPN]
  • Where will the applications for NHL expansion teams come from? Maybe not from the usual suspects. Portland, Oregon, anyone? [NHL to Seattle]
  • Hockey in the Pacific Northwest might take some doing when it comes to this NHL application deadline. At least, getting an arena deal going will, so that one or two different potential ownership groups can apply for an expansion team. Oh, yes. There's more than one group that's willing to pony up that $500 million expansion fee there - plus building an arena on top of that. [Sonics Rising / Seattle Sin Bin]
  • The newest class of Hockey Hall of Fame inductees was named yesterday. And, no. Dave Andreychuk was not one of them. Still, all of the people named were more than worthy of the honor. Except for newly acquired Arizona Coyotes player Chris Pronger, perhaps? [TSN]