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Quick Strikes for Friday, June 5

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Some Stanley Cup Final news, some prospect news, and some general NHL news - all in today's Quick Strikes!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Probably everyone has seen this by now, but we're giving it to you, anyways - mostly because we can.

  • And the Tampa Bay Lightning's rebuttal via Twitter:
  • For those new to the Bolts, back in 2004 when they won the Stanley Cup, then-head coach John Tortorella had a saying for that Cup run: "Safe is Death". And after what we all saw in Game 1 for the boys in blue, we saw that to be true. Whether some variation of that becomes a player motto or not, it's certainly still popular with the fans. [en-Lightning NHL Perspective]
  • I suppose "Captain Everything" has a better ring to it than "Captain Serious". At least, I would think that Jonathan Toews would believe so. Head coach Jon Cooper certainly has a way with nicknames, doesn't he? Now if only we can get him to ditch that ridiculous "Triplets" moniker. [The Globe and Mail]
  • If you're a goalie fan, like I know many people are, here you go. This is a playing style breakdown of both the Chicago BlackhawksCorey Crawford and the Lightning's Ben Bishop. Knock yourselves out. [InGoal Magazine]
  • The Bolts' fan club, Sticks of Fire, has posted up their code of conduct for all fans - both Lightning and Blackhawks. Some people don't like these guys, while others love them. Regardless, they want you to know that they try to be respectful. [Sticks of Fire Facebook Page]
  • New Guy Daniel Walcott is featured by Bolt Prospects. Wonder how he's feeling about being traded in the middle of NHL playoffs. And to a Cup contender that's already pretty deep on defense, no less. [Bolt Prospects]
  • Speaking of defensemen who happen to be prospects, Anthony DeAngelo is trying to shed his bad attitude reputation. But I guess it's easier to keep your temper when you're playing for a winning team, right? Which isn't to say he hasn't changed - I'm sure he has - but also that time will tell. [The Hockey News]
  • The NHL salary cap is going down next season. Again. Will this finally force GMs to use offer sheets? They've been reluctant to do so in the past, but with potential cap issues on the horizon for a few teams, maybe that will force their hand. Stay tuned. [The Score]
  • Former Daily Show correspondent, Marine, actor, and stand-up comedian Rob Riggle is hosting the NHL Awards Show in Las Vegas this year. While I like the guy, I'm not sure that he can save that show. They need a bit more Hollywood help to do that. [The Pink Puck]
  • Anyone need a good, charismatic, Swedish goaltender not named Henrik Lundqvist? Because it's looking like the Vancouver Canucks are shopping Eddie Lack. I bet Roberto Luongo could find a place for him with the Florida Panthers, if the Kitties would let him. It could be just like old times! [Canucks Army]
  • So is it a demotion or a promotion to get a better job title than the one you currently have in the NHL, but with the minor league team? Just asking. For a friend. Okay, he's no one I know - just curious.... [Islanders Point Blank]
  • The Boston Bruins have decided to retain head coach Claude Julien and his staff, despite not having hired a general manager for the team. I've always found that a bit strange, honestly. Doesn't hiring the coach and then the GM sort of undermine the power of the GM within the organization from pretty much the beginning? [Boston Globe]
  • The next...Great One? Sidney Crosby? Something? What are we calling Connor McDavid these days, does anyone know? Anyways, apparently he's trying to put a good face on the fact that he's almost certainly going to be drafted by the Edmonton Oilers. Poor guy. [Puck Daddy]