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Quick Strikes for Saturday, June 6

Tampa - the hockey market, oh and that team that plays here isn't inexperienced in coming back from losses. While the Finals continue, the NHL is gearing up for the off-season and player movement stories are out there in full swing.

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Brad Richards is a proponent of hockey in the Tampa Bay area.
Brad Richards is a proponent of hockey in the Tampa Bay area.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail would like his readership to know Tampa Bay is an example of the success of the sport in the sunbelt. With an assist from Brad Richards (quoted a bit in the piece). [Globe and Mail]
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning lack the experience to overcome blah-blah-blah, we've seen this before in the playoffs. They've done it in the regular season too - rebounded from a disappointment. They've been here and they've overcome. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Pop quiz, hot-shot, how well do you know your Lightning team history? [Tampa Tribune]
  • The Blackhawks Andrew Desjardins is their blogging voice (as Jason Garrison is serving that role for the Lightning). He talks about the extra rest between games among other topics such as "good eats". []
  • What you (never really) wanted to know about the Lightning's favorite food. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • 'Dynasty" and the Blackhawks have been paired together a few times leading up to the Stanley Cup Finals beginning. Here's the latest installment of such discussion. [Sports Talk Florida]
  • Mark Pukalo isn't referenced here very often, but his Hockey Tampa is part of our blog roll and he's a great local voice on the Lightning and sports in general. Mark steps in on the Jonathan Drouin issue with his latest piece. [Hockey Tampa]
  • "Experience matters" is a narrative we've been told is the way to Stanley Cup glory. It's also just that - a narrative from a playoff series. A story we pass down. [Grantland]
  • There's a film about the glass ceiling of professional ice hockey being cracked by goalie Manon Rheaume (who did the damage in the 1992 preseason with the Lightning). Sean Leahy conducted an interview with Rheaume on the film and the future of women in the sport of hockey. [Puck Daddy]
  • A tale of a woman in sports media... who gave it up because sports media isn't exactly a fair place for a woman. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • A lot of movement is speculated on for the 2015 NHL off-season, and one specific source is the Ottawa Senators, where goalie Robin Lehner is on the block and the club has several offers from other clubs to review. [The 6th Sens]
  • Speaking of player movement, things have apparently not improved for our old friend Vinny Lecavalier in Philadelphia, and his removal from the organization might happen during the off-season. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • And where would we be with player movement talk if we didn't drop a rumor link with a big name star welcoming a trade? Evgeni Malkin, this is your moment! By way of Elliotte Friedman, who isn't exactly a non-credible source. [The Score]
  • One player who is likely not going anywhere this summer is New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Yet there's a case against King Henrik that few Rangers faithful take to but others try to explain in earnest - Hank's not the guy, and his contract is just part of the problem. []
  • Antti Makinen is the man behind what is deemed as the loneliest job in hockey: bringing the NHL to the country of Finland in complete solitude. []
  • G'day, hockey players. Crikey! Ya think ya can be Australian? [Puck Daddy]