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2015 Stanley Cup Finals: What is the status of goalie Ben Bishop now?

Just what happened that took Ben Bishop out of game 2, and what is his status for game 3?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It happened so suddenly last night, it became such a cause for concern: Lightning goalie Ben Bishop, shortly after the controversy tied to the Blackhawks third goal (will someone please set a goalie interference standard and stick with it instead of shifting it from game to game), Bishop left the ice. It was after that the confusion and worry set in; what happened?

The Lightning got the win and backup Andrei Vasilevskiy set some history by way of it, but what about Ben? Where's Bishop and what happened?

Being the playoffs, you are not going to get a straight answer when a player has health issues and that was the case post game from Coach Jon Cooper and the organization. Nothing changed on Sunday except Tampa Bay boarded a plane to Chicago where game 3 will be. Ben Bishop accompanied the team.  Speculation continued as worry hovered with it by Lightning fans. But as the day wore on, a different kind of ailment found its way into the conversation and speculation on what went wrong: Dehydration.

The idea of cramping in the legs or maybe the lower abdomen forcing Bishop out makes some sense. An IV drip is not a 2 minute process to regain hydration and relieve symptoms / issues dehydration can cause.

If it's dehydration or not, it won't be confirmed. If Bishop has another ailment that took him out of the lineup last night, we won't find out about it honestly until after the series. But what is Ben Bishop's status for game 3?  We'll cite another tweet:

We'll leave it at that and let you speculate as you will.