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Quick Strikes for Saturday, July 11

The AHL has some changes, Sami Salo is done, and displeasure in Vancouver are just some of the reads from around hockey for your Saturday.

Paul Bereswill/Getty Images
  • The Hockey news weighs in briefly on the Tampa Bay World Junior Championships bid... and brings up the old stereotype of attendance. [The Hockey News]
  • June 15, 2011 was Jeff Tambelini's last game in the NHL, playing with the Vancouver Canucks as they lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. Time ain't healed nothing for the forward, and he doesn't expect that for the Bolts either. []
  • It appears former Lightning defenseman Sami Salo is to formally call it a career. [The Hockey News]
  • Almost two weeks after the 2015 NHL entry draft took place, with some more time to reflect on the selections by the Bolts, the opinion from a third party is still mild disappointment. [Along the Boards]
  • A member of the Syracuse Crunch front office gets some high honors from the American Hockey League. []
  • Dangling the "D" word with the Chicago Blackhawks has been done a few times since even before they beat the Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals last month... They're not at that point says Carl Pavlock, at least not yet. [Five for Howling]
  • ...and if that ever happens, it'll be without Patrick Sharp. Sharp was traded to the Dallas Stars last night. []
  • While we're on the subject of the Chicago Blackhawks and Stanley Cups, Jonathan Toews had his day with Lord Stanley's Chalice and while in Winnipeg he did a send-up of an iconic photo. [Second City Hockey]
  • This is an interesting look at an aspect to the issue of a franchise name change that many people don't talk about. It's easy to react to certain team names with "OMG, this is 2015, how can we have these nicknames?!" but it's not so easy -- or inexpensive -- to get rid of them and then come up with a new brand. []
  • The Vancouver Canucks could have traded goalie Ryan Miller instead of Eddie Lack. Canucks fans would have preferred to have seen Ryan Miller get traded than Eddie Lack. And they audibly shared that sentiment with management. [Vancouver Province]
  • The rules were meant to be contorted annually in hockey, it would appear. The AHL has ratified some changes for next season. []
  • Speaking of AHL rules, an aspect of the AHL roster is the "Veterans rule". [100 Degrees Hockey]
  • Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens has messed up his knee and is lost through training camp and into the preseason. [ESPN]