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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, July 22

Support for Quebec City expansion from an awkward source, Marty's heart was gone, and some news on the NWHL for your Wednesday morning reads.

It's been 10 years since the Penguins won the Lottery.
It's been 10 years since the Penguins won the Lottery.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

  • According to Jonathan Toews, the Anaheim Ducks were a bigger challenge to obtaining Lord Stanley's Cup for the Blackhawks than the Tampa Bay Lightning had been. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • No contract yet for Steven Stamkos. Some thoughts on some issues that popped up for Stammer last season as well as the season ahead. [En-Lightning]
  • Martin St. Louis made some comments on Monday. Some of those poured more salt on the wounds inflicted in March 2014. At the same time, Marty says teams did express interest in signing him but his heart wasn't in it any more. [The Hockey News]
  • Craig Custance grades the off-season for each individual Atlantic Division team. The Tampa Bay Lightning are ranked "To Be Determined" for (ninety) one reason. [ESPN]
  • So Stammergeddon 2 hasn't gone nuts yet. If you're missing contract concerns and hoopla over a new deal, drop in on the Washington Capitals as Holtby Hell plays out (Braden Holtby and the Caps are going to arbitration!) [Japer's Rink]
  • For you keeper-league fantasy hockey players, prepping for the season ahead and aware of some o the situations for players on your team that may make you contemplate moving them. Case in point, Evgeni Malkin; is now a good time to move Geno? [The Hockey News]
  • Speaking of a player on the Pittsburgh Penguins, it's been 10 years since the 2005 NHL draft and the Penguins hitting the big time with Sidney Crosby. [Pensburgh]
  • Are you filming a horror film and want something from hockey more intimidating and grotesque than Jason Voorhees hockey mask from the Friday the 13th movies? The NHL's got you covered... *shudder* [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Support for Quebec City's NHL expansion bid is nice to see, especially coming from an American market not in the Northeast (read: "traditional") NHL. I must confess though, it is a little awkward coming from the town that has control of the franchise that was the original Quebec Nordiques. [Mile High Hockey]
  • The National Women's Hockey League has unveiled the schedule for their first season (including the date for the league's first All-Star game: January 24). [Watch This Hockey]
  • Don't know much of anything about the NWHL? Take a minute and hop on over to the Banter where our buddy Mike Murphy attempts to enlighten you about the new women's league. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Speaking of the ladies and the game we love; prospects no longer are just for the NHL draft.  Elite Prospects will now cover the women too. [Elite Prospects]