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Quick Strikes for Monday, July 27

Some news out of the Syracuse area, lots of expansion reads, the history of sled hockey, two adorable kids and the Stanley Cup, and much more in today’s Quick Strikes.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
  • In yesterday's "30 in 30 Days: Meet the New AHL," the Power Play Post Show featured the Syracuse Crunch. [Facebook]
  • Two girls in the Syracuse area earned spots in regional ice hockey tryouts. The Southern Tier goalies have taken part in U.S. National Development camps. [Press Connects]
  • If the NHL expands into Quebec City, Gary Bettman says the League would have to consider placing them in the Western Conference. [theScore]
  • ...But could the NHL be looking to avoid expanding into Quebec City altogether? [Puck Daddy]
  • The shootout, which fans "overwhelmingly" like according to Gary Bettman, isn't going anywhere despite the addition of 3-on-3 overtime next season. [ Puck Daddy]
  • The Possession Project will consist of a database that will "redefine" hockey analytics and make them easier for all hockey fans to understand. [The Possession Project]
  • As sled hockey grows in popularity throughout the world, let's take a look at the history of the sport for individuals with disabilities. [Amazing History of Sledge Hockey]
  • Patrick Sharp and his kids enjoying their day with the Stanley Cup is freakin' adorable. []
  • Cuba has seen an uptick of defections from its athletes, with half of the men's field hockey team disappearing to the United States during the Pan Am Games. [Yahoo! News]
  • Here's a great feel-good story to start your week. After a local New Jersey teenager lost everything in a tragic fire, the New Jersey Devils and CCM partnered to give him a brand-new set of goalie equipment. []
  • This is a really cool video of the new arena under construction in Las Vegas via drone:

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