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Quick Strikes for Saturday, August 1st

T.J. Oshie is pretty good at the shootout. Jonathan Quick thinks he knows why.
T.J. Oshie is pretty good at the shootout. Jonathan Quick thinks he knows why.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tampa Bay Lightning fans, meet your Tampa Bay Lightning Girls for 2015-16. [Tampa Bay Lightning]
  • It's a little early for divisional power rankings as rosters and teams can still change between now and October (or even preseason). That being said, here's a ranking of the Atlantic Division. [Hooked on Hockey Magazine]
  • The lease agreement between the New York Islanders and Nassau County has formally expired. Does that seem irrelevant to Tampa Bay fans? It shouldn't, not if you're into Rays baseball. Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is not Tropicana Field, but the headaches and drama is all too familiar.[Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Are the New Jersey Devils short at the forward position? Right wing is not making someone comfortable. [In Lou We Trust*]
  • Shootout talk based off of remarks made by Jonathan Quick in his recent piece in the Players Tribune. No, it's not the standard anti/pro rhetoric about the shootout. It's talking about things. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • In NHL expansion news: Quebecor, the organization behind Quebec City's bid for an NHL team, is looking for investors still. There is no word if a Kickstarter campaign or a GoFundMe will be employed... And while that seems like a good quip, it's also a sound idea knowing how passionate fans are up there for the resurrection of the Nordiques. [TSN]
  • Not getting enough Top 25 Under 25 coverage of young players with the series in progress here on Raw Charge and on Habs Eyes on the Prize? That's about to be remedied! [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Meanwhile, in Chicago, it was announced Thursday that a new practice facility and training center was going to be built by the team not far from United Center. []
  • Statically inclined? Analytically minded? You are likely a Travis Yost fan and he's invoked his logic and numbers goodness to examine shooting percentage by position. [TSN]
  • Then again, maybe you aren't a stats type person? Maybe analytics seems like it has secretive notions and seedy plans for you in their mind? Some are more in love with the game than advanced scrutiny of it (and that's just fine by me). [Nucks Misconduct]
  • ...And then analytics goes all crazy and gets hot and heavy on the masses! The War on Ice has released all data for download. This will not end well... [The War on Ice]
  • The People's Republic of China and the city of Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics. If the NHL will participate in them is another story altogether that won't be settled for some time. [New York Times]
  • Maybe this'll seem like a revolving door because the link is to another cache of links (all of the CWHL / NWHL women league variety) but if you're curious about the league or looking for coverage, you'll find a lot of coverage here. [Ash on Ice]
  • Speaking of which, a couple of women were inked to deals for the fledgling NWHL. []

*they don't trust him no more