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Jonathan Drouin isn't going anywhere

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Too many media personalities and blogs this summer have been quick to jump on the idea Tampa Bay is shopping or is willing to trade RW Jonathan Drouin. It's been that way since the playoffs when Drouin was being scratched from games (and someone behind the curtain did what they could to get the media to ramp up coverage of the story travesty).

Drouin's a part of the organization and the Lightning has wanted him to develop a full game. That doesn't make him an expendable asset because of a slow first season at the NHL level in the process. Another proof of his value to the club plays for the Florida Panthers.

It should have been rehashed much earlier this summer about Steve Yzerman and head scout Al Murray's love for 2014 #1 draft pick Aaron Ekblad, who went on to with the Calder Award for his first pro season. We reported it here on Raw Charge that the Bolts had made a very big push for the #1 draft pick (which would be Ekblad) but balked when Panthers GM Dale Tallon wanted the talents of either goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy or Jonathan Drouin in return for the selection. Yzerman wouldn't make the move.

Over a year later and while someone can harp that Drouin isn't worth as much as he could have been perceived to be worth in June of 2014, a truth that needs to be accepted is that Steve Yzerman isn't going to move the young forward, especially not for spare parts that are the return in most speculation deals.

The narrative of Drouin being on the block says one thing, but history says another. While the brief story of Jonathan Drouin with the Tampa Bay Lightning has had its obstacles so far, a time of met expectations and accomplishments are ahead.