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Brad Lauer joining the Tampa Bay Lightning coaching staff

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The replacement for former assistant coach George Gwozedecky has been revealed by the Tampa Bay Lightning this afternoon in Brad Lauer.  Lauer was an assistant head coach with the Anaheim Ducks since the 2011 season (he joined the organization that summer, starting with the Syracuse Crunch and moving up to Anaheim that November). He had been coaching forwards and the power play with the Ducks.

If he is indeed replacing Gwozdecky in his capacity as power play coach, it may raise an eyebrow to note the Anaheim Ducks power play was 28th in the league in 2014-15, with a 15.7% conversion rate on power play opportunities; Tampa Bay was ranked 14th in the league with an 18.8% success rate but tended to look disjointed and underperformed far too often with the talent on the club and how well the team performed at 5-vs-5.

Lauer, a left-wing when he played - was drafted to the NHL in 1985 by the New York Islanders, the 49-year-old didn't end his playing career until 2001-02 (he was in the British leagues at the time). Since the end of his playing days, he's coached at the junior and AHL levels (with the Kootney Ice and Milwaukee Admirals, respectively) to go along with his NHL career (with the Ottawa Senators and Anaheim).

It's worth noting how much different the Ducks can be in their physical style of play compared to the Bolts - our friend and In Goal Magazine writer Clare Austin likes to nickname them the "Damn Dirty Ducks" --  how the difference is going to benefit Lauer as a coach or the Lightning players in their style is anyone's guess.  The hiring date - mid August - does provide time for planning and coordination with head coach Jon Cooper and the rest of his assistants... It's just a lot less time for prep and planning for Lauer than it would be if the hire had taken place sooner. Only time will tell if that's going to be any type of problem or issue.