Discussion: A name for a new subsection for the site

We're starting a new section here on Raw Charge that will be linked on the front page. The section will be a grouping of FanShots (non game-day content). FanShots don't work like articles work because it's not writing that's supposed to be the focus. Sometimes it's video content, sometimes it's tweets of interest (Funny! Informative! Odd!), sometime it's quotes of note from larger articles.

To give you an idea what we're going for, we point you to Pension Plan Puppets section titled "Twigs"; a nice, cutesy name that fits as its content about the Toronto Maple Leafs or somehow linked to the Leafs over there. Over here it'll obviously be Tampa Bay Lightning related stuff.... Which gets me to the point - we're looking for a name for our section. It already exists but it's nothing special, titled FanShot Fodder which seems like a play on words but not much else. We'd like a better name for it. That's where you come in, oh dear community members. We'd like your suggestions and submissions and arguments and pleadings and critiques and all that jazz for a name for the section. We could (and have) pondered this stuff in private already but we want to bring you into the mix to discuss this stuff. What should we call this section? We're looking for something witty, something that fits the electric motif, I guess. Then again, if something is presented that goes in a different direction and everyone gets behind it then we'll go that way.

It's not going to be substantial feature content; it'll be for click bait... We may as well have some fun with it in the name. The floor for discussion is now yours.

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