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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, August 5

Some relevant online news for both the Tampa Bay Lightning and NHL, a signing, some hiring, and the NWHL continues to prepare for season number one.

This was the photo we found of Steven Stamkos anywhere near Jonathan Quick.
This was the photo we found of Steven Stamkos anywhere near Jonathan Quick.
Harry How/Getty Images

  • Jonathan Quick on Steven Stamkos in Part II of his Sniper Series* article, "But the thing that might be underrated about Stamkos is his ability as a playmaker. He's not just a goalscorer. As a goalie, I have to respect his ability to make a tough pass instead of just selling out on the shot and moving up a half-step in the crease. And that creates a real problem, because his release is world-class." [The Players Tribune]
  • In non-game-related news, the Lightning are partnering with the fan-engagement company Phizzle. That's going to be seen and felt across the web/mobile based interaction along with broadcasting, per the press release by Phizzle. [Digital Journal]
  • Housekeeping!  We're looking for fan input and want you - yes, you - to help us figure out a name to represent a new aspect who hope to get up and running on the site. [Raw Charge]
  • The big news yesterday in the NHL was Vancouver Canuck's recent-acquisition Brandon Sutter becoming a rich man with his new 5-year contract. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • The other big-big story in the NHL yesterday was the news that there are coming technical changes to the NHL by way of MLB. Not in the game itself, in streaming content, apps, the tech side. We link here to a feature piece on the whole deal between the leagues at SB Nation's tech sister network. [The Verge]
  • ...and here's a more news-news version of the deal. []
  • The post-Lou era in New Jersey continues as Ray Shero hires Andre Savard and former NHL coach Claude Noel as pro scouts. []
  • The new NWHL is not in summer slumbers like the NHL at current; you can find fresh news and info depending on where you look. Oh, and events such as Jaime Weber and Beth Hanrahan doing an Ask Me Anything Tuesday afternoon. []
  • Meanwhile in New York, It was announced that former NHL'er Chad Wiserman will be leading the New York Riveters this season. []
  • Who are some of the female players that Wiserman will be coaching on the Riveters? I'm glad you asked!  [Watch This Hockey]
  • Oh, and there is hockey going on and in North America. Team Canada is having its junior prospects camp with the WJCs in mind... And while it's just kids and a test for a tournament not for another four months, they aren't exactly going through the motions and chilling while participating. [Sportsnet]
  • Finally, enabling the visually impaired to play the game we love. Ain't technology grand? [Puck Daddy]