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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, September 2

Tickets and Tampa Bay are at a high point (and single games go on sale Friday) while Chicago and is at a morale low due to Patrick Kane.

Richard Panik, former member of the Lightning and Syracuse Crunch, get profiled by Pension Plan Puppets
Richard Panik, former member of the Lightning and Syracuse Crunch, get profiled by Pension Plan Puppets
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
  • Single game tickets for the Tampa Bay Lightning go on sale starting Friday morning, September 4th. [Tampa Tribune]
  • ...and if you're planning to go shopping, you might want to reflect on the Lightning schedule for 2015-16. [Raw Charge]
  • Maybe it was impatience waiting for those single game tickets to go on sale, maybe it was last season's team and the Stanley Cup run (which Joe Smith cites). Regardless, the season ticket base at Amalie Arena has swelled to 13,500. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Tickets, schedule, season tickets... What about that roster? Need a general idea of the current roster situation? Checkout or Lined-Up Update for 2015 to give you an idea of the state of things. [Raw Charge]
  • We're not the only site conducting a "Top 25 under 25" prospect list, and in this case you might take a bit of interest: Tampacuse alumni Richard Panik is ranked #9 in the Toronto Maple Leafs system. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks are the reigning Stanley Cup Champions of the NHL, this you know. They're also the story of the off-season for the allegations against Patrick Kane. Satchel Price puts into words how such a fond memory - and his pride in the Hawks - has been tarnished. [Second City Hockey]
  • Is the only way to restore that pride and improve the Hawks overall reputation to trade Kane? At least five clubs have supposedly inquired about the accuseds availability. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • The appropriate response to the Sun-Times piece is a more thorough think-through of the situation, the what-ifs and a general oversight of a stinker of a complication that's marred success. [The Committed Indian]
  • Toronto lusts after the hometown boy in Steven Stamkos. Kane being (potentially) on the market and the case is made for the Buffalo Sabres to stay the hell away from the local product. [Hooked on Hockey Magazine]
  • Besides Stamkos, there's another big name, big talent guy that needs an extension in the Los Angeles Kings Anze Kopitar. The negotiation news may not be seen as very encouraging for Kings fans or Lightning fans in that LA and Kopitar's camp aren't close to a deal. (Some Bolts fans might take extra issue with this - at least it's news, there hasn't been a whisper about Stammer and TB)[Jewels from the Crown]
  • Goalie Cam Talbot might be out of New York City and away from the Rangers, but his ecto-plasmic containment unit of a goalie mask lives on! [In Goal Magazine]
  • The CWHL has terminated coaching and management of the Boston Blades franchise. [Watch This] EDIT: this happened over the summer, I caught a WT repost when I saw the headline. The inclusion was an error on my part.  Thanks to Watch This for clarificaiton.
  • "Benders" is a new comedy TV show featuring a beer league hockey team, and it's coming to the Independent Film Channel (IFC). [Hooked on Hockey Magazine]
  • Ivy League hockey coaching poaching afoot; Brown and Yale are the schools involved. Film at 11. [New Haven Register]
  • The firefighters busting their ass against wildfires may be in the northwest, but they still ought to have signs of support from everyone... of course, firefighters here would appreciate it too if you're showing them a sign of support.  Wear yellow today if you're still planning your outfit. []