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Exhibiting more practice; Tampa Bay Lightning at Nashville Predators preview / open thread

The saying goes that practice makes perfect. It's still practice though. It's a talent assessment and depth gauge... In a game situation, but still practice.

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Where: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
When: 8 PM EDT | Tickets: Check Availability
Radio: 970 WFLA AM | Television: None | Twitter: Live stream
Opponent Coverage: On the Forecheck

The big difference between this practice and last practice is that the over-glorified scrimmage will be played by the Tampa Bay Lightning outside the confines of the Tampa Bay area and west coast of Florida. It's the first time in three weeks that some of these guys have been out of the area.

And no one slated for the lineup played last night at the Amalie. This will likely translate to jokes somewhere about Jonathan Drouin (who had a goal last night) dealing with the same stuff from last season - being scratched / getting benched.  Ha. Ha. Ha. It's practice, not the regular season.

Between this preview and yesterday, I keep repeating the practice remark but for a very solid reason: because it's just that, practice. Expectations are huge for the season but they don't count until October 8th when the season truly starts. For the moment, it's game-condition practice and organizational depth assessment by management. When the roster is cut down to a scant few extra players trying to make the club, that's when you may want to raise expectations for these preseason games.

Steve Yzerman revealed at practice this morning that cut down to a scant few (or even final cuts) could come as early as tomorrow.

So, for the time being - at least for tonight - don't get bent out of shape if the results aren't a win or a jackpot of offensive production. Players have a game a job to do - prepping for the upcoming season. Meanwhile we, the fans, have to wait patiently.

Please treat this article as the game thread this afternoon.  With the low volume community participating last night, we'll hold off on an official game thread for the moment.

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