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What Steven Stamkos did on his summer vacation

It's not all just fun and games, except for when it is. It is summer vacation, after all.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Amidst speculation over contracts and trade rumors, we tend to forget that it is summer vacation and during the off-season, NHL players actually do have lives. They do fun things, especially when the pressure isn't on them at all times.

Steven Stamkos is, of course, a constant source of drama and debate this summer as word has yet to come of any contract extension (or news of contract extension discussion and progress). However, that hasn't stopped him from training and having fun. He's taken in a couple of ballgames, one in which he participated in batting practice before the game.

He also hasn't let his superstar responsibilities slide. In August, Stamkos was on hand to sign autographs at the Markham hockey swap.

Most recently, Stamkos was spotted playing Ultimate Frisbee with Phil Kessel, Mike Smith, and Teddy Purcell as part of Gary Roberts High Performance Training with Dr. Kevin Deonarine.

Stamkos has trained with Gary Roberts since summer of 2009. In the following season, he scored 51 goals.