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Quick Strikes for Wednesday, September 9

Lightning stuff, communication and "The Princess Bride". You can't go wrong (unless you want Milan Lucic) with Quick Strikes!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
  • Media Day Tuesday in Toronto and Steven Stamkos spoke about the contract situation and left some great quotes. []
  • Let me put this to you this way - Stamkos is a fan of Edmonton Oilers rookie Connor McDavid. A big fan. []
  • Vasya's hurt! Emery invited to camp! Gudlevskis might get a shot! Not that anyone's forgetting about the big-man, Ben Bishop. How is he doing? He recovered from the groin tear? Affirmative. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Some NHL clubs are just announcing rookie camp / tournament rosters in recent days, the Bolts did it in early August. Here it is again. [Raw Charge]
  • Brant Myhres was part of the Lightning's first draft class; he only played 62 games in his career with the Bolts. He also ended up banned from the NHL for drug use. Myhresie has now been hired by the LA Kings as player assistance director - someone tasked specifically with helping guide players and steer them away from trouble. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The NHL and Chicago Blackhawks are both shunning Patrick Kane as a promotional image in the wake of this summer's accusations. [The Buffalo News]
  • But could an end be forthcoming with the whole Kane affair by way of settlement? [The Committed Indian]
  • Georges Laraque. You haven't heard that name in a while, now have you? You may or may not have heard former pro wrestler Andre the Giant's name either. You have seen the classic film "The Princess Bride" though, right? Laraque will participate in a live reading of the film as Fezzik, Andre's character from the film. []
  • Hysteria in Tampa over an unsigned Steven Stamkos from some fans and media types, hysteria in Vancouver over the potential free agent availability of Milan Lucic. Canucks fans want Lucic? Oh, where to begin... How about by saying "no"? [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Change brings opportunity. Dylan Larkin can see it in Detroit with the Red Wings coaching change. [Winging it in Motown]
  • The Colorado Avalanche's new third jersey is officially out there - even though it hasn't been The Colorado Avalanche's new third jersey is available for purchase... even though it hasn't been officially unveiled yet. [Mile High Hockey]
  • The technology in hockey to break down the game into numbers and metrics to study. You know them as analytics. Word choice helps in communicating with those less versed in fancy stats. [Hockey Graphs]
  • Some people had to work (for a good cause) on Labor Day. They weren't celebrities at the MDA Telethon but Junior-A hockey players at a horse-rescue farm in Lisbon, Maine. [WGNE 13]