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Open Thread: Jonathan Drouin speculation and chatter

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With a poll asking where you think Drouin will end up traded to.

Scott L. Thomas

Sunday will mark two weeks since Allan Walsh went public with Jonathan Drouin's request to be traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning and while there's no urgency to do a deal, there's been a lot of interest from around the NHL that's led to a lot of speculation on who could land Jonathan Drouin and at what cost in trade.

The Blues, Canadiens, Ducks, Flames, Rangers, Senators and Wild are some of the clubs who have been mentioned as interested parties in Drouin. There have also been repeated notes by noted media members that Lightning GM Steve Yzerman is more likely to do a deal with a Western Conference team (unless an Eastern Conference club offer can' be topped).

So, as the weekend rolls on - I grant you the floor to chat up the situation. What's your take? Got a trade proposal? Share it with us in comments and participate in our poll.