Lightning fans, introduce yourself

Hi! How are you? Who are you?

I mean, come on, Raw Charge has how many fans passing through here daily while keeping up to date / getting informed about the Tampa Bay Lightning, but there's only so much social interaction / reaction that happens in comments. Some people just react, some people interact and communicate. That, interaction, is a major part of blogging through pro sports....

So, let's try this again: Hi! How are you? What's up? Who are you? How long you been hanging out here? Are you tied to any other blogs or sport teams? Anything noteworthy about your online life?

Me? John Fontana? I founded Raw Charge as Boltsmag back in February 2004 -€” a couple of month's befoe the Dave Andreychuk and crew hoisted the Stanley Cup as champions of the sport. I founded Raw Charge on SB Nation with Cassie McClellan in March 2009 and ran the site in full up until this past October when I stepped down.

I've had some medical issues of late of note that played out socially. I'm currently on the mend and thought it was high time to push you -€” yes, you -€” into the spotlight and everyone say "Hey!" to each other. Lightning fans matter.

So.... as I stated out this post, hi. What's up? Who are you, where are you from and what's on your mind Lightning-related?

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