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Quick Strikes: Everybody loves Nikita

What else is new?

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bolts

All praise Nikita Kucherov. [Tampa Bay Times]

Steve Yzerman gets outbid on a Kucherov jersey! Maybe someone knows someone who can hook him up with one?

A break is exactly what the Bolts need right now. Us too. [Bolts by the Bay]

The League

Toughness, respect and injury in a so-called “man’s game.” “It’s a symptom of the tough-guy culture that hockey continues to foster, this idea that NHLers can play through ailments and injuries that would fell lesser athletes and mere mortals. The league’s talking heads propagate it, fans revel in it, players absorb it into their very definitions of themselves.” [Winging It in Motown]

Concussion ignorance is alive and well. [SBNation]

How the Leafs’ clever 24-man roster is finally causing trouble [Pension Plan Puppets]

Will the real Senators please stand up? In December? [Silver Seven Sens]

The search for an Islanders executive: It’s like Craigslist except absolutely not. [Lighthouse Hockey]

Captain Ryan McDonaugh talks Rangers’ strength, Brady Skjei and more with Blueshirt Banter. [Blueshirt Banter]

The Blue Jackets’ relentless attitude is working. [Jackets Cannon]

Examining why the Hurricanes have struggled in the third period. [Canes Country]