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Quick Strikes for Thursday, February 18

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Lightning's defensive problems, Jenny Scrivens interviewed, Dennis Wideman's gonna keep on sittin', and trade speculation keeps on breezing by.

Alexandre Wennberg: "I-- I shoot up and I... I score goal? Scoring is good, yes? Shoot... puck? Eh...?"
Alexandre Wennberg: "I-- I shoot up and I... I score goal? Scoring is good, yes? Shoot... puck? Eh...?"
Derek Leung/Getty Images
  • Mark Pukalo speaks what was on many minds after the Bolts loss to the Sharks Tuesday night: The blue line needs to be repaired. [Tampa Hockey]
  • And the Tampa Bay Lightning itself concurs. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • "Drouin may yet be moved, but no one should be surprised if he's still a member of the Lightning as of March 1." [Sports Illustrated]
  • Syracuse Crunch owner Howard Dolgon will be holding a fan forum at War Memorial on February 20th. What will be discussed and if Julien BriseBois or other Lightning brass will be in attendance remains to be seen. []
  • You know, Raw Charge has a Google+ page... Not many use the network but we are on there. [Google+]
  • Lightning and Crunch fans are uncomfortable at the moment with where things are going for Tampacuse. Yeah, well, try being the Montreal Canadiens. The flaming start flamed out. How far does it go in the wrong direction? Can it be righted? [Eyes on the Prize]
  • A lot of things were stacked in the Montreal Canadiens favor (event wise) during their centennial. The Toronto Maple Leafs, on the other hand, isn't getting the same favoritism. Yet big things may still be in store for the club's 100th anniversary next season. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • As for the team, the Maple Leafs are in a state of change and adjusting to life without defenseman Dion Phaneuf who was traded to the Ottawa Senators last week. [CBS Sports]
  • Some guys just don't shoot the puck and really should do it. When forced to, they show why they should shoot the puck more. Your latest example: Alex Wennberg of the Columbus Blue Jackets. [The Dark Blue Jacket]
  • Awards are always mused about during an NHL season, and name dropping Norris contenders seems to have been going on since pre-season. In the case of the Chicago Blackhawks Brent Seabrook and his dark horse candidacy for the Norris? Forget that. And the argument against comes from a Blackhawks source. [The Committed Indian]
  • Dennis Wideman's suspension for 20 games was upheld by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • Nick Lindstrom is Hall of Fame bound and the Detroit Red Wings are going to honor it on Tuesday before the club's game against the Jackets. [Winging it in Motown]
  • Attention Trade Deadline Shoppers!!!... Musing and speculating about destinations for the Vancouver Canucks Alex Burrows. [Canucks Army]
  • Speaking of the Canucks, the experience at Rogers Aena is one of losing and ownership micromanaging games. [The Province]
  • Upgrading defense is something Lightning fans (and this blog) have mused about during trade season. It turns out Tampa Bay isn't the only club musing about it. Case in point, enter the Los Angeles Kings... [Jewels from the Crown]

    ....or are they? Point, counterpoint.[Jewels from the Crown]
  • You know your blog has arrived when you get to talk to the big names. It may only be the NWHL but Jenny Scrivens, wife of Ben Scrivens and NWHL netminder is a notable interview to get... And is doing what she loves with the sport. [The Pink Puck]
  • The OHL's Flint Firebirds ousted their coaching staff for the second time this season Wednesday afternoon. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The Deke the Deuce campaign is in week #2, I link over to the post that set up the charity here and a direct link to the charity page is below. If nothing more, at least help promote the campaign by tweeting or sharing on Facebook the campaign page. [Raw Charge]