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Quick Strikes for Tuesday, March 15

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Hockey news, info, and links to start your day with. Coffee is a must.

Scott Thomas
  • News broke yesterday that Syracuse Crunch captain Mike Angelidis is done for the season. Angelidis suffered an unspecified lower leg injury against Bridgeport this past Friday. Angelidis will be a free agent this summer, so it's very possible that Crunch fans might never seen their captain play for their team again. []

...I seriously needed some time to just cry after writing that. I can't even express how sad I am.

Since I'm off track anyway, I'd like to take this moment to hijack this entry even further and ask the Crunch to keep the C with Angie. I've heard talk around the War Memorial of trying to figure out who to give it to for the rest of the season. Please, don't do that. He deserves to keep it after four seasons here with it. The team can play just fine with three alternates. There's 14 games left. Let him have the C.

...Links. Right.

Allokago's coffee recommendation: Fool's Chocolate Covered Cherry

Even the bravest of foe will unguard when served this seductive mix of chocolate and cherry. Watch them melt as they sip away cup, after cup, after cup...a perfect moment to make your point.

[Coffee Fool]