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Jonathan Drouin healthy-scratched for Wednesday night's Syracuse Crunch game against Utica Comets

He takes responsibility for what led to the healthy-scratch.

"Oops!  My bad, sorry!"
"Oops! My bad, sorry!"
Scott L. Thomas

Jonathan Drouin has played 6 games since his return to pro hockey earlier this month. That's two three-game series that tend to be the extent of action for the Syracuse Crunch each week. His numbers pique interest and have invoked fan reactions expecting a recall/promotion to the NHL: 5 goals, 1 assist.

Yet 6 games doesn't earn him a recall to the NHL, even if recent losses by the Bolts draws a panic from fans that think added offense will solve problems. Responsible play is also integral and that is why Drouin was sent down to Syracuse to begin with, which led to the drama of January and February (trade request, rumors, suspension, speculation, no trade).

And now, another failed responsibility has shown up by way of Drouin. From Lindsay J. Kramer of via Twitter:

Kramer also reported that Lightning assistant GM and Syracuse Crunch GM Julian BriseBois told Kramer that this will be the only game Drouin misses, and complimented Drouin in general since his return to the organization.

While accepting responsibility is a plus, a mark still gets left on Drouin in one way or another by skeptics and grudge-holders. What happened was a mistake that is more common in hockey than many realize or like to admit... What is uncommon are the consequences... or at least they're inconsistent depending on where the mistakes happen.